Maverick Yachts USA is the first yacht company in the world to be a spinoff of a jet company – Maverick Jets built and sold the world first very light weight personal jet –Maverick’s LeaderJET.  The Maverick LeaderJET was a high-tech all carbon fiber jet.

Now Maverick Yacht’s sleek new 101 foot ocean going yacht – the Maverick7Seas – is destined to be one of a kind in the yacht world, with high-tech jet aircraft precision and performance.

The jet engineering precision required for a very light weight personal jet flying at 45,000 feet over 500 miles an hour – must be nothing short of fine toned perfection, perfect in absolutely every detail.  It is a matter of life and death.  No yacht company in the world has this kind of background and foundation for their company, their team or their yacht.

Whether in the air with Maverick Jets or on the ocean with Maverick Yachts, the Maverick team wants you to experience a life change like no one else on the planet. 

Now enjoy viewing Maverick Yachts new high-tech ocean sailing custom yacht – the Maverick7Seas.